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Jerry Broome grew up in the small town, rural environment of South Georgia. There in his youth, he began gaining his work experience with many agricultural related jobs. “Farm work taught me many life lessons, one of the most important being how to work with others to get things done.” After graduating from Presbyterian College with a degree in Business, Jerry entered the US Army Reserve and began working with an ag-coop as a facility manager where he was responsible for buying and selling ag products. Jerry began his career at The Reynolds Company in 1981 and was soon assigned the responsibility of purchasing the chemicals, supplies, and equipment needed to support the growing business. “We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn our business practices from Hays Reynolds, our company’s founder. Hays was a “Greatest Generation” WWII veteran and lived life and practiced business by the Golden Rule. His influence continues to be a big part of our company’s culture today. I am very blessed and happy to work for The Reynolds Company.”

Jerry has four children: Suzanne, Lee, Henry, and Cullen; and, two grandchildren: Carson and Hays. Jerry and his wife, Jena, have been married for 25 years.

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